Friday, January 7, 2011

Tattoo U

Texas Christian University strikes back with billboards in and around Columbus in response to Ohio State President, Gordon Gee's comments about TCU's schedule.  According to the Sagarin rankings, the Bucks SOS was 50th compared to TCU's 60th ranked schedule.  The Horned Frogs defeated the best the Big Ten had to offer, the Wisconsin Badgers.  On the other hand the Buckeye's were very fortunate to win a sloppy game against Arkansas.

                          ESPN getting some more freelance work in Columbus?

Terrell Pryor along with 4 other players suspension should have taken affect immediately starting with the Sugar Bowl for their actions off the field.  Trading in rings and signed memorabilia to get tatted up?  C'mon MAN.

Approximately 20 billboards from the "Little Sisters of the Poor" can be found around the city of Columbus.  Gordon Gee could not be found for comments.  It's okay though, he wouldn't know what he was talking about anyways.  Go Frogs.

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